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Jacksonville Senior Pictures

We at 4th Dimension ask seniors all the time what they think their senior pictures should look like.  Usually the response is they don't have a clue; they just want to look good.  They want to trust and depend on their photographer for the rest.

Unfortunately these days, too much has changed. Most photographers just don't keep up with the times  like fashion, glamour or music which usually dictate current trends.  So, most photography studios  become cookie cutter operations.  They simply take a few standard shots with standard backdrops and leave you with the basic "it's been done before" senior portrait session.

That's not the way it's done at 4th Dimension Photography Studios.  We care about your interests and the environment you're photographed in.  That means we do everything in our power to compliment, provide or find what best represents you.  This, after all, is one of the most important times of your life and not only should showcase and capture your present look but make a memorable historic statement that becomes a blast from the past.

You need a well seasoned innovative staff like 4th Dimension.  We'll meet with you before the shoot and collaborate ideas together to capture you in your fun or exciting environment or even create one for you.

We have something for everyone in all price ranges, with quality and satisfaction as our number one emphasis.  Jacksonville and surrounding areas are a Mecca for gorgeous and creative photographic opportunities and 4th Dimension's forty plus years of experience makes us a leader in these areas.

4th Dimension Studios has won hundreds of first place awards throughout the years producing some of  the industry's best commercials for radio and television. That's your edge!

We know the best locations that will produce outstanding photography.  We don’t force "one size fits all" portrait packages on our clientele. Why should we? People don't look alike, so why should their surroundings?

Bottom line.....we care! We care enough to go the extra mile by listening to your needs, developing new techniques, keeping up with a constantly changing market and always meeting your deadlines.

4th Dimension,  a new Dimension in photography......

Preserving the now, for life.